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Re: [IP] smelly pumps and insulin

Laura wrote:

>>RoseLea, you mean you put the cartridge in the pump first and then
attach the tubing? Shane always attaches the tubing first (snapping the
little blue piece inbetween the tubing and cartridge), and then puts the
whole assembly into the pump, then tightens the cap. I wonder which way
Ben does it and whether that could have an affect on his problem?<<

Yes I do.  That's how I was taught to do it.  I put the cap on the cartridge
as soon as I remove the needle, then place the piston in the cartridge, then
place the whole shebang in the pump.  I then put on the adapter cap, then
remove the cartridge cap and attach the tubing and tighten the luer lock.
Then I prime.  Works the best for me since I tend to drop things a lot and
would probably drop the cartridge (I like the glass ones and they tend to be
a little slippery) before I could get the tubing attached to it.  Some
pumpers have told me that they push the piston up sending the insulin into
the tubing rather than using the pump's prime feature for the whole prime.
I guess it's whatever works for you.  YMMV.


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