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[IP] Re: basal rates question

Recently Chris wondered:

> I have been on the pump for 2 weeks (so this may be newbie rates), and I
> weigh 200 lbs.  My basal rates are:
> 0000 - 0800 1.0
> 0800 - 1200 0.9
> 1200 - 1600 0.8
> 1600 - 0000 1.0
> It seems odd to me that my nighttime rates are the highest, especially since
> one of my main reasons for going on the pump was because of severe
> hypoglycemic reactions in the middle of the night.  Anyone else find this
> odd?

This one stumped me for a while, too, until I asked a CDE. Here's my

You used to have hypos at night (as did I), not because your insulin
requirements are lower (they're not), but because your long-acting insulin
is working too hard. Often a morning injection will kick in pretty well
overnight, and you don't have any incoming carb to counteract that.

With the pump, on the other hand, you have more control, and can adjust it
to exactly what you need throughout the night. And what most of us need is a
little more, especially in the wee, small hours. But not as much more as the
long-acting stuff used to provide.

Many (if not most) of us experience the "dawn phenomenon," wherein the liver
releases some sugar in the predawn hours, and we must boost our basals to
take care of that. Stupid liver!

I'm actually a little surprised your basals vary by such a small amount.
Mine go from 0.2 during the day to 0.6 in the early morning. But everyone's

Keith Johnson
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