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[IP] Re: Basal rates too low?

Recently Nee (??) posted:

> I've been on the pump for 9 months and still changing my basals.  Right now
> this are my rates:
> 12:00-5:00 am .08
> 5:00-7:00 am 1.0
> 7:00-4:00 pm .09
> 7:30-12:00 .09
> My doctor is still telling me they're too low, but I think they're fine and I
> need to work on my bolus predicting.  I'm petite and weigh about 113.  Do
> these rates seem high or low according to anyone elses' rates????

First off, I'm gonna assume the "0.08" and "0.09" shown above are actually
"0.8" and "0.9," since most pumps don't resolve better than 0.05 (right? Or
has Disetronic got one now that will do 0.01? I don't think I'd _believe_ in
a drop that small!).

Secondly: as everyone else is going to tell you, YMMV (or YMMD, if you're a
purist). Some of us are more sensitive to insulin than others. If your
doctor means your blood sugars are running to high in general, then yes, you
need more insulin. But that's the only justification he could have, I think.

For instance, here's my current pattern:
  12M - 3:30 AM      0.3
  3:30 AM - 10 AM    0.6
  10 AM - 10 PM      0.2
  10PM - 12 M        0.3

So most of the day I'm running at only 0.2 u/hr. This is lower than most
pumpers, I think, but not a record. There are pumpers who require several
units per hour.

The only good basal is one that keeps your blood sugars level when you're
not eating (or doing anything out of the ordinary). And the best way to
determine them is via the fasting methods described in "Pumping Insulin" and
by most CDEs and endos.

So why _did_ he think your basals were too low?

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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