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[IP] close call long

Whew!  We had a close call yesterday. And it was a wake up call for me!  Matt 
went driving golf balls with his dad and had trouble with the meter in the 
heat, so he just checked his b/g visually,because he uses surestep and you 
can guess by the color. He took a juice and drank some gatorade for the 
activity. When he came home he was 450!  Shoot, i thought he must have drank 
too much gatordade. Anyway bolused him 3 units, 1 unit drops him 100 points, 
usually. Get in the car to go eat. 40 minutes into the bolus, Matt is 
balling,crying, eyes rolling, telling me he's gonna pass out!  Of course i 
had no juice in the truck(1st time ever!)why should i? He was 450 and we were 
going right to the restaurant! Well retested him and he was 72 or so we 
thought!  Not sure what his true numbers were... Now he is freaking, i'm 
thinking how did he drop so much so fast? My husband pulls into store, 
passing right by one thankfully, and got Matt some o.j. And got him feeling 
better. Then we started to piece it together. Here is what happened....Matt 
had his meter in his golf bag WITH the gatorade. He commented on how the 
meter was wet just as he was testing. I said from what? He said the rain i 
guess i don't know. It had just started to pour. It turns out that the 
gatorade leaked all over and that is where the 450 came from!  Yikes, i just 
thought he had tooo much gatorade without insulin!  Wow if we weren't 
together in the car, there is no doubt Matt would have went off, waiting to 
"come down" in numbers and passed out!  It was a wake up call for me, 
reminding me that YES he does have this stupid disease and i must NEVER leave 
home without juice no matter how high his numbers!!! Darn, i cannot believe i 
did that! When he tested at 72 i still hadn't cleaned the meter so who knows 
what he truly was.......almost out that's for sure...first time the eyes 
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