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Re: [IP] smelly pumps and insulin

Ben wrote:
>>Is anyone bothered as much as I am by that pungent smell that is emitted by

Sam replied:
>Personally I really like that smell... reminds me of something from when I 
>was a child.

I also like that smell a lot. I've always thought it reminds me somehow
of band-aids...
Shane does not like it much, and our CDE hates it. Shane has a D pump,
and yes, you can sometimes smell it, but usually you have to be pretty
close to the luer lock area. It seems like if others in the room are not
getting "overly personal" and can still smell it, something may not be
right. If you believe that some insulin is getting on the pump when you
change the reservoir, be sure to hook up the tubing etc, away from the
pump. Also, we always put the little cap on the reservoir after removing
the needle, while attaching the piston, and don't take it off until
right before we attach the tubing, to keep any drips from happening.
Don't know if that is helpful or not, but anyway...
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