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Re: [IP] Basal rates question

Lynn wrote:

>>The thing I have had a hard time adjusting to, is that my sugars sometimes
run low when I delay eating, even if I don't bolus.  This says to me that my
basal rates are off, but there is no specific pattern to it.<<

My bgs were very erratic the first couple weeks on the pump, no pattern to
anything!  After 2 months they have settled down, and I no longer experience
lows without eating unless I have been very active.  (I'm still working on
temp basal changes).  It will take awhile for things to settle down for you,
we were constantly changing my basal rates in the beginning, now we hardly
ever make a change.  I think it takes time for the long acting insulin to
get out of your system and for your body to adjust to a new method of
receiving insulin.  YMMV.


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