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Re: [IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

  I know what you mean.  That where I really get PO,d  Its your fault
when anything goes wrong! And that is even without enquiring about the
particulars.  And when you start asking question about what needs to be
done, you are told I'm the Dr that's my job!
My answer is Its My Body and I have had Dia longer than you have either
been practicing Med or longer than you have been alive.  I also took some
medical classes and have some knowledge to back up my questions.  I read
Med Journals and ask Questions..  My own Endo calls me trouble!  He told
some other Drs that I was too well informed not to tell me anything.  I
don't let him or anyone else get away with that attitude.  They will
eventually explain things and give me references to look up.
Don't let them brow beat you, let them know who and what you are!!!!!!
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