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[IP] RE: Carb count for salad

Are you having any salad dressing?  Between the bits of carbs from tomatoe,
onion and the carbs in salad dressing (which tends to be sweet) that might be
causing your problem.
Thank you so much for replying to my post.  I do use salad dressing but about 
a teaspoon that I count the carbs or an oil and vinegar dressing which have 
very few carbs.    I count the carbs for the tomato and the onion etc, but do 
not count the lettuce.  However, the few carbs that the lettuce has would not 
account for the 200+ bg I get 3 hours after eating salad.  I'm afraid to 
bolus too much as  I'm very sensitive  to insulin.     Thank you so much for 
your response.                   Ellie
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