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Re: [IP] Re: Denise's control & other stuff

Believe me I'm trying. I;m tired of being bit by the insulin reaction bug.  A 
couple of times no matter what I did I just couldn't get my sugar to go up so 
I'm weary of giving myself too much of a bolus.  I've been to the docs once a 
month for the past 4 months trying to get myself ready for pregnancy.  He'll 
tell to increase the basal by 2 and I'll do it by one.  I'll have a good day 
(90-150) and the next do the exact same thing (food wise) and the next I 
can't get it out of the 200's.  I have to go next week with my readings and 
see what he says.  I got a few good carb counting books off the postings 
today so I'll order them and see what the heck I'm doing wrong.  
(underestimating I'm sure)
Thanks for your mail
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