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Re: [IP] smelly pumps and insulin

At 12:13 PM 7/31/00 Ben Johnson wrote:
 >i think the smell comes from when i change the reservoir/tubing and a little
 >insulin comes out of the reservoir (after the needle is removed, piston is
 >attached, and reservoir/piston is in place, but before the tubing is
 >so the smell is most prominent around the tubing/reservoir connection... but
 >still, it stinks (to me...)!

You must not have a MM pump, since you'd be re-filling the reservoir away 
from the pump itself... and in this case, if the reservoir leaked when you 
re-inserted the it, then you haven't tightened the Luer lock enough. Maybe 
someone with more knowledge of the Disetronic can provide some better help. 
Have you tried calling Disetronic directly??


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