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Re: [IP] smelly pumps and insulin

At 11:03 AM 7/31/00 Ben Johnson wrote:
 >Is anyone bothered as much as I am by that pungent smell that is emitted by
 >insulin...?  It's always been a peculiar smell, but since being on the 
pump, it
 >seems that that weird scent is almost always evident and has become more and
 >bothersome... My pump definitely has picked up the smell, and i was
 >wondering if
 >anyone had any ideas on how to resolve this problem (which incidentally 
 >have commented on... they being unaware of that medical/insulin smell)?

Personally I really like that smell... reminds me of something from when I 
was a child. But, I have never noticed that smell coming from the pump 
itself. Do you possibly have a leaky reservoir?? That's the only way I can 
think that your pump would pick up any odors.... normally the 
reservoir/tubing are a totally closed system.


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