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Re: [IP] Re: Kids, pumps and camp


First, about the nurse in this instance...I WOULD have been grateful that she 
admitted to no knowledge of pump therapy. Would it have been better if the 
woman had lied and Carolyn had left her 5 yo at a camp with insufficient 
care?? I don't think so. As I said in my post to Steve, sadly, alot of 
smaller camps who are privately funded are under no obligation to follow ADA 
or JDF guidelines, and will reserve the right to refuse kids. I don't think 
its right, but its the way it is. (yes, I agree that they should state the 
level of care they are capable of giving BEFOREHAND, not the night of parent 
orientation..alot of parents use camp as a form of babysitter in the summer 
so they can keep their jobs. to leave anyone scrambling at that late a date 
is wrong)

My posts to Steve were merely SUGGESTIONS based on a short cut-and -paste of 
an email. Offering training to the nurse may have been veiwed as some sort of 
personal offense by the nurse. (you really never know with some people) I 
volunteer at our camp primarily for the safety of my children. They need the 
camp experience and I need the piece of mind. Even when a CDE came in for 
training(which I sat through) it's was nowhere as complete as it should have 
been. But then I guess you can only hit the basics in 3 hours of training on 
two consecutive evenings.(Which from what I've heard is a good training 
program for camp staffs)

One final thought...Would you really want to put your child in a situation 
where people resent them? Any person who has been embarrassed or their 
professional qualifications challenged, is likely to approach the situation 
with at least apprehension, if not outright hositility. (we went through this 
with our school system..beleive me, its not pretty) As parents, we won't be 
there all the time, so its the child who will suffer. Personally, I would 
have walked away from that camp and never looked back, but that's just me and 
six years of dealing with people who don't understand what's really entailed 
in caring for a child with D talking.

Take care,

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