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[IP] MM Operations

The MM 508 is fairly easy to operate.  As someone just pointed out to suspend 
the pump you press sel twice then act once.  That will not only suspend the 
pump but will also cancel any boluses from being delivered.  I think that 
what happened to the original poster was she panicked.  I think her post was 
a good one because it caused people to think about what they would do in that 
situation and so they will be prepared when it happens to them.  Kind of like 
the plan two escape routes from every room in case of a fire scenario.  As 
far as the increments of insulin, the MM can deliver it in .1 unites or you 
can do an audio bolus in .5 or 1 unit increments, depending on how you have 
your pump set up.  The difference (if I understand correctly) between the MM 
and the D pump is to increase the bolus on the MM you press down the up or 
down button and it goes up or down.  Slowly at first but if you continue to 
hold it down it goes pretty fast.  You can press it one increment at a time 
though if you want.  With the D pump you have to press the button for each 
increase.  I like my pump, no take that back, I love my MM 508!

Christine, type I, 25 years, pump for Christmas 
       The best part about procrastination is that you are never bored, 
       because you have all kinds of things that you should be doing.
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