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[IP] Subway Salads

>>>>>>SNIP  Ellie Said:  Whenever I eat a salad consisting of lettuce
(mostly), tomato, onion, and a 
few black olives, slice of cheese, (Subway salad)  my
bg goes sky high.  I bolused for the crackers I ate and thought no carbs for

lettuce, the rest of it I counted the carbs.  Does anyone else have this 
problem with salad.  With all other foods, I have a handle on it even 
Chinese, pizza, and bagels.  Would like any input I can get.   Thanks,

This is funny....I eat Subway salads, Seafood and Crab variety, about 1x
week, and even with 2 pks crackers, my bolus is abour 5.    My bg never goes
high, in fact I have to watch it to see that it doesn't go too low.   But,
Chinese, I always have to nearly double a regular bolus....like bolus 10
units....just for chinese and some big bagels. (Don't eat Pizza)  Course
testing often is the key after onone of these meals.     Isn't that weird???

This is a prime example of why we all say YMMV = your mileage may vary!!!
Bonnie Richardson

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