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[IP] Profit Motive

Barbara Bradley - Said: >>>>SNIP...I seriously doubt a profit motive in
regard to the frequency of site
changes. Perhaps, our CDC expert on the list can add some information

Hi Barbara: 
I think 3 days is a excellent recommendation for site changes....and
MM/Maersk does not prevent us from changing our sites as we want to. Each of
us does what we need to keep our bgs in control whether it is changing sites
4 times in a day (been there/done that) or as some lucky folks changing
every 4-5 days.   I change every three days faithfully, once I get a good

 This issue is that we have to purchase expensive supplies that we don't
need.   We are NOT ALLOWED to purchase the supplies we need and have to
throw in the garbage untouched unneeded medical supplies.   

Someone suggested we are going for the wrong company, that insurance
companies should be notified and we should be sending our untouched tubing
to them.   Sounds like a great idea....They are paying the Pharmaceutical
companies for supplies that go in the  garbage.   

Wonder what they would do if they (CEO BC/BS) received 100 sets unused
tubing???Raise our insurance rates or deductible?

And, I promise you PROFIT is the motive, or MM/Maersk/Disotronics/ have
profit as priority. 

Bonnie Richardson

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