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Redia Asked....SNIP:Question--when you have a pump and are pumping
insulin, does that mean you can sleep later some mornings or do you
still need to take insulin on a regular scheduled time?What about meals
can they be whenever you want to eat or on a schedule. See I'm not sure
how all this works with the pump. please let me know.    thanks Redia

Hi Redia, I have been pumping 5 years, am 59 years old and the pump lets you
do anything you want.....You will have to relearn about eating only when you
are hungry, sleeping in, throwing out any scheduled meals...it is wonderful
I remember when I first started it was a re-education for me and my family.
But such freedom!!!  The pump puts a basal amount in your body 24 hours a
day.  You add more only for meals/eating.  You and your doctor will
determine the basal amount.   You have to learn to count carbs - no biggie,
and pay attention to "serving" size.   The three or four sizes of bagels
have really messed me up before.  You will learn about some foods with "high
glycemic" ingredients and your bgs will rise slowly and higher with those
foods, beans potatoes, etc.  And you will learn the joy of eating dessert
guilt free! 
email me if you have any other questions.  Welcome to the best source of
pump information in the world. 
Bonnie Richardson
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