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[IP] MM operation ?'s (was:oops with that damn bolus...)

> did anyone out there ever totally mess up a bolus?  i hit in 8 rather than
> when my sugar was 102 (was trying to prime, oh well...)
 i couldn't for the life of me get the Minimed508 to
> suspend

I finally made my way back to the beginning of this thread, & I'm confused
on something here.  I use a D, so there are things about the MM with which I
am completely unfamiliar, & now you've got me curious.  I'd like
clarification for future reference...I'm VERY happy with my pumps, but
should I ever want to go the route of shopping other brands...

Am I reading this wrong, or do you stay hooked up to prime?

Does the MM not "turn off" easily, or is this an isolated incident?

When you are programming a bolus (or prime or whatever), do you simply put
in the amount/number by itself?  (On the D it is done by increments - on
mine they are .5, although some people have theirs set up differently...this
would make it extremely difficult for me to "accidentally" program an amount
ten times what I intended.)

I'm not attacking anyone's pump brand or methods - I am just now genuinely
puzzled about some aspects of operation.  I guess I was thinking (that'll
teach me to think!) that the different brands were more similar in operation
than maybe they actually are.

Any insight would be appreciated!


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