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[IP] POSITIVE feedback apology/ a Request to All

[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent
> by medical workers?

> I hope I didn't waste anyones time by posting my positive comments.  I
> in the future I will ONLY post comments that have a direct reflection of
> subject line.

Melissa, Please don't feel you have to apologize for
a) sending something positive (your post was the first in several to make me
smile this morning...I needed that! or
b) letting the subject take you onto a slightly different train of thought.
The subject line read "Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by
medical workers?"  Your response answered that question very
specifically...how much more on target can you get?  Sam seemed to be simply
qualifying where the thread had previously been going, with more of a focus
on ER workers - nothing wrong with that either, as far as I can see!

I've read posts titled "Children & paperweights" & found posts that are
actually talking about the mating habits of zebras.  (No, don't go trying to
look these up in the archives!  :)  )  Seriously...many times, no matter how
much people try to remember, they will take a post off on a completely
different tangent & never change the subject line from what it began as,
many moons ago - sometimes a topic that is now completely lost in the dust
of history - so somehow the name remains, completely irrelevant though it
may now be.

On THIS topic (I'll try to remember to change the subject line accordingly
:)  ), I'll repeat a plea that appears on here every so often...PLEASE
adjust your post's subject as needed, so we know what it's about!  This is
enormously helpful to those of us who are "subject skimmers"!  Scanning down
over this morning's remaining posts, seven of those left seem to concern the
very critical topic of "insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #
something-something-something"...I know we all forget sometimes (guilty
here, as charged!), but please try...

Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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