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Subject: [IP] Re: Kids, pumps and camp

Title: Subject: [IP] Re: Kids, pumps and camp


You stated;

Your friends should be greatful the nurse was honest enough to admit her
ignorance and not risk harming their child. If volunteering is an option,
they should in some capacity next year. They may allow the child to stay while
at the same time having what we call at our camp a 'teachable moment". I know
alot of people at our camp were very nervous about Chris' pump last year, but
this year they also had two other kids with pumps there. Part of this is just
fear of the unknown and sometimes allowing people to learn is the best route.

Carolyn, the mother of the child that was refused entry to a Diabetic Camp was certainly not "grateful" for they're honesty when they presented they're restrictions for this camp during the first day. Insulin pumps are not a new technology. They have been around for close to twenty years, if not more. If this camp is up to date on the current treatments for Diabetes, then they should have posted in the literature of the camp we are not equipped to handle pump's. Although more and more of the Diabetic Type-1 population is switching over, then would have been honest to avoid an embarrassing moment. Both mothers of those two children that were singled out must have been beside themselves with anger, not to mention feeling the hurt there child must have felt. Those children now have a deep wound on there memory of this incident. They were singled out and discriminated because they had pumps. It was the same as going to a non-diabetic camp and stating there child is diabetic, and were told they couldn't take the child, and were asked to leave. Carolyn handled the situation admirably by offering training, but there answer was they had no time to do such things, and only relented when the media and people higher up were involved. They should be ashamed of themselves. There actions were an embarrassment to the diabetic community. You have to wonder just how advanced they are at treatment there. Are they doing BG checks, or urines test's! Do they treat with juice/glucose tablets, or candy bars?

You stated;

JDF would have very little say in a camp run by private sources.Ours is
United Way funded and the JDF and ADA have no say. They can voluntarily
follow the guidelines, but cannot be forced to. Our camp reserves the right
to turn children away for behavioral or safety issues.

Unfortunately, this is true. We heard from the JDF in regards to our issue with the YMCA. If the camp has Federal Funding (and does the YMCA), they must provide a qualified medical coverage. If they administer meds of any kind, they must also administer Insulin, and handle Glucogon if needed. They cannot pick and choose which they want to give.

You stated;

I said nothing about letting "them" win. What I was TRYING to say is that
approaching things from a more positive frame of mind can soemthimes work
wonders. My son was the FIRST child in our area with an insulin pump and I
fully understood the apprehension of EVERYONE who came in contact with him.
Educating FIRST in a positive manner and making yourself available(which can
be a large pain in the neck) go along way towards stopping misconceptions
about pumps and diabetes in general. We have taught more people what is
entailed in this disease in the last six years just by the pure display of
what's involved than we ever would have by making them angry and unreceptive.
When someone DOESN"T get it, after my best efforts, then I don't hesitate to fight. I just can't see wasting
negative energy until I know that a positive approach has been fruitless.

Carolyn did try to Educate the Lions Club Diabetic Camp, and they refused (until were told to do so to prevent a media circus). My wife and I tried to Educate the YMCA, and they are also reluctant to do so. If they want to receive that Federal Funding, they need to comply. We have always approached these things with a positive attitude. Becoming angry and nasty will only escalate the situation. My wife was finally granted a time to Educate the YMCA, and all the counselors but the one my daughter was going to have were there! The EMT wasn't even there, and this was planned in advance. The excuse's given were Doctor's appt, and other previous engagements! After a while you realize you can't educate someone who doesn't want to learn, and you need to take a different, more aggressive approach.