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[IP] Camps, kids and "little Talks"

Dear Carolyn,

I was responding to Peter's statement (below) that, as I read it, says, If
you don't have medical letters after your name the your "little talks" are
helpful but insufficient.

If you read my post carefully you will see that I did not direct my angst at
Peter, whom I assume is your son, but instead made a few statements that I
consider to be generally true.

I stand by what I wrote.  What exactly did you find untrue or objectionable?


Curtis Lomax


Peter wrote,
"Unless you yourself are a pediatric endocrinologist, CDE, or some other
of health care provider with exceptional knowledge of type I diabetes, these
little talks, though helpful and anecdotal, are probably insufficient.  "

Curtis responds,
Most parents of kids with D are....."some other form
of health care provider with exceptional knowledge of type I diabetes".
The reason that the "little talks.....are probably insufficient" is because
"real" health care providers will not listen to JUST A PARENT.
Forgive me, but having CDE or MD after your name has little to do with your
care skill.
I know that parents with D kids have dealt with more lows, highs, site
shots, and crap than a non-D endo or CDE has.
Shaking my head,  there goes another medical professional.Curtis Lomax

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