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[IP] health care professionals with diabetes

From:  A Critical Socail Theory Approach To Nursing Care of Adolescents with 
Diabetes by Jane K. Dickinson, Rn, MSN, CDE (issues in Comprehensive 
Pediatric Nursing, 22: 143-152, 1999)

"Health care professionals who, themselves, have diabetes have an added 
potential to oppress adolescents with diabetes.  These professionals, who are 
in a position to closely understand the plight of their patients, often 
inflict the same judgment as health care professionals without diabetes.  
Judgment coming from health care professionals with diabetes, however, goes a 
step further when it involved comparing adolescent patients to themselves in 
terms of blood glucose control, meal planning, and exercise adherence.  It is 
when these professionals do not understand why some adolescents manage 
diabetes differently than they do, that they have lost any therapeutic 
effect."  pp 145-146

BTW, my son's ped endo does not have diabetes but is a most respectful and 
empowering ped endo.  She looks in my child's eye and asks him questions 
directly and recognizes him as a human being with feelings etc..  She jokes 
with him and makes him feel important.  She does not judge us as parents, but 
rather works with us to help my son live as healthy a life as possible with 
this blasted disease.


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