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Re: re:[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent bymedical workers?

My Disetronic rep is always so supportive, I was telling him about that dr.
who said he didn't want to have me "on dis machine!!!" and how he was going
to take it off of me.
   The rep said "Jenny, You have probably forgotten more than he's learned
about this..."
   The rep has a "P.E." after his name and I was lamenting how I always got
turned away from courses and such and had no degree....He said, "In my
opinion, you do...You have a PE, ....for Personal Experience."  He's a
gently spoken felow and always has good things to say. Has worn a pump
himself for over 29 years...On the earliest of early pumps.....WOW.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Fran Baumgartner"
> Personally I think a lot of us should get honorary degrees, since we know
> more than them.
> >patients know much more than the doc will ever know about how things work
> >them.

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