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Re: [IP] purchasing pumps

You wrote:
"We had our insurance company refer us to an endo in order to get a
prescription for a pump.  Certainly she refused.  As a matter of fact, my
husband's health is too poor, she wouldn't even take him as a patient.  So,
we don't have an endocrinologist, we do have a great internal medicine doc
who wholly supports us getting the pump, the renal specialist says yes, I
think a pump would be great in fact, my husband may have to take less
dialysis if he were to get on the pump."

Forgive me if this is an obvious question, but can't the internist prescribe
a pump for your husband?  Or even the renal specialist, for that matter?  Or
is your insurance saying the prescription has to come from an endo?  The
reason I ask is that my internist did the prescribing and the local
hospital's diabetes education center does the training and follow-up (with
appropriate reports to my doctor, of course).

You might want to check and see if that kind of arrangement is an option for

Hope this helps,

Kathy Trondsen
dx'd at 12, started pumping recently

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