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[IP] the fake alarm bit me

     Thanks go to most of you for your support about the fake alarms going
off.  Its really just one sister in law who is like a she cat that I tend to
avoid so that there wont be further problems. (there has been in the past)
Im writing to you to let you know that of all times for the alarm to go off
(its set to go off every 5 hours so I can test) that we were at a wedding
yesterday and I forgot to hit the pump so that it wouldnt go off.  Right
when the bride got up to the front of the church the thing started beeping
and people started looking around. I was so embarrassed!  Like Ive seen
posted on the list I had it in my bra so you can imagine what it looked like
with me reaching down my dress to grab the pump without being to obvious. So
much for that. During the reception I ended up giving a little lesson on the
pump and there were 2 others still on MDI that are now going to talk to
their endos about pump therapy. So it was embarrassing for me but maybe now
2 others will be helped because it happened.  I hope so!

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