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Re: [IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

At 10:53 AM 7/30/00 Melissa Howell wrote:
 >With all this Dr bashing I have a positive comment to make.  My dr, whom is
 >an internist, (trying to find an endo) always lets me make decisions
 >regarding medicine, basil changes or anything like that.  He always tells me
 >what he recommends then he says "what od you think?'  He always asks me if I
 >am comfortable with any new decisions and always tells me "you know better
 >than I do kid, you live with it everyday"  He has even called me and asked
 >me questions about D and the pump for a new patient of his.

I really don't think that this thread is about our regular doctors. I get 
the impression that most of us feel comfortable with our normal MD... if 
not, why are we still going there??

I believe that most of the vitriol contained in this topic is aimed at ER 
and general hospital/medical office staff who probably know a lot less 
about diabetes, the medications we use and pumping than many people on this 
list. Yet, because of their position, they feel that they don't need to 
listen to us, because their huge egos get in the way of common sense.

Face it, getting an MD or an RN does not automatically allow someone to sit 
at the side of the angels. I am a professional person who has 2 masters 
degrees and I certainly don't feel that it entitles me to impose my 
knowledge or opinions over anyone. In my view, being able to listen is the 
greatest gift that a true professional can have. If you never listen, then 
you can't really learn anything. And, if you stop learning, how can you 
still be considered a real professional in your field??

Just my 3 cents worth. (That's just 2 cents after taxes).


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