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[IP] purchasing pumps

It is true that folks should go through the correct channels to get the pump, but what happens when all those doors are shut.  My husband is taking 8 shots a day.  We just got back from having surgery to put in the shunt in order to start dialysis.  We had our insurance company refer us to an endo in order to get a prescription for a pump.  Certainly she refused.  As a matter of fact, my husband's health is too poor, she wouldn't even take him as a patient.  So, we don't have an endocrinologist, we do have a great internal medicine doc who wholly supports us getting the pump, the renal specialist says yes, I think a pump would be great in fact, my husband may have to take less dialysis if he were to get on the pump.  Yet the catch is we must have the prescription written by an endo and the only endo within 200 miles of us just shot us down.
  I am willing at this point to take a trip anywhere where I can obtain the help my husband needs, even if it means doing so illegally!!!!   So now, where are we to get real doctors who care enough about my husband to keep him alive????????????

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