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[IP] Re: Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

> I think docs just get in the habit of assuming you are stupid, some of
> patients are.
No.  MOST of their patients are.  'No one ever went broke
underestimating the American public.'
 - Henry L. Mencken.  I went over my basal and bolus schedule with my
doctor recently.  On many/most of his patients he has, sadly, given up
on trying to explain carbs and how to bolus for them.  He is forced to
tell them to eat the same meals often and to bolus by experience, not by
figuring out how many grams are involved.  The pumpers on this list are
far above the average pumper on the street (my opionion) in knowledge of
diabetes.  Pumpers, in general, are far and above most dm'ers in their
understanding of their affliction (my opinion).  One woman had lows day
in and day out.  I told her to change her insulin dose, and to see her
doc immediately.  Over the last 34 years I have seen many diabetics that
are petrified of changing anything without the doctors express
instruction.  Her doctor was on vacation so she eat candy every day
until she could see him.  It's hard to fault any professional in an
emergency situation that 'talks down' to dm'ers.  That is what they've
been taught, by experience in dealing with the public and that many of
the dm'ers they treat have lows, and when I am low I am not at my
highest level of intellect, which probably isn't very high in the first

I'm afraid that I may get a little condescending with ill informed
medical personnel, even though I haven't had that many encounters in the
emergency room.  I 'talk down' to these people.  I may be a little of a
wise a**.  What generally happens is that they either figure out that I
know my stuff and leave me alone, quiz me first, get a doctor or another
doctor that knows what they are doing.  When I start telling them about
carb and basal ratio's, fasting, etc.  They will either get angry, get a
glazed look, or try to learn how I am managing, which may help them with
others (hopefully).

There are still a lot of medical personnel that don't know anything
about pumps.  I went to a pulmonary specialist who is diabetic and who
was enthralled by my pump and knew very little of them.  I spent a half
hour explaining how it works and the good (many) and bad (few) of it.  I
think he has a pump now.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
You know, I always wondered about that taping equipment, but I'm
damn glad we have it, aren't you?
 - Richard Nixon to Haldemann, April 25, 1973

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