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[IP] Re: Carbohydrate Factor?

Kelly,  Thanks for writing!  I've been a diabetic for 35 years and have a 
master's degree in nutrition, but am obviously out of the loop (probably 
since I haven't been working since I became disabled).  I have NEVER heard 
of the carbohydrate factor even though I saw a CDE nutritionist about a 
month ago!  She asked if I were counting carbs and I said yes and that was 
the end of the discussion!  I am always amazed at what endos, CDE's and any 
other info source assumes we already know! It underscores the need for 
continually educating ourselves and others, and gives memore than a shred of 
humilility for 'the masses' who think they know about all there is to know 
about diabetes when in fact they don't know much at all.  I would have sworn 
there weren't any new tricks folks could teach me about diabetic nutrition, 
and here I am with carbohydrate free egg on my face.  Thanks.

Dianne (email me at email @ redacted as I take the digest and often 
miss things.)

Kelly wrote in her original response to my question on the carbohydrate 
>Hi!  You had a question about the carbohydrate factors and carbohydrate
>counting.  I hope I can explain it!>
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