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[IP] Re: camps, kids and "little talks"

Dear Curtis:
        In my son's endocrinology practice, the chief of the department,and 
world renound medical researcher, a MD, is a pump wearer as are the two RN, 
CDE's who do all of the teaching...any questions?? And yes, they DO have type 
1 DM not just wearing the pump for fun.   I'm sure they have tons of personal 
experience with site changes, lows etc.  Maybe you should have all of the 
facts before you speak so harshly.  If you need to verify the above, the 
practice is the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia Presbyterian In NYC  
212-304-5494!  I too am shaking my head right now...there goes another person 
jumping to a conclusion about a "medical professional".
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