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re:[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

>  I think docs just get in the habit of assuming you are stupid, some of their
>patients are.  They don't have time to treat you like a peer.  How can you 
>be a
>peer, you didn't go to med school? :-)

Personally I think a lot of us should get honorary degrees, since we know 
more than them.

>After a short period of time diabetics know their shit.   Doctors can help 
>but only if they are intelligent enough to listen to their patients, cause the
>patients know much more than the doc will ever know about how things work for

My internist does listen well to me.  It's just all the other idiots.  Just 
last weekend I ended up going to the ER.  I brought my list of meds, 
surgeries, and diagnosis ( keep it on a spreadsheet ).  The doctor wasn't 
listening to anything I said about my problems let a lone my diabetes 
care.  He pretended ( not very well ) to know what the pump 
was.  ARG.  Anyway, so at the end he wants to give me this pill.  I said 
"you know I was watching a commercial and I remember that this pill you 
want me to take doesn't mix well with something else I am taking"  The 
doctor starts getting upset, well what drugs are you on.  Mind you I feel 
like shit and I had come in prepared.  Steve and I both told him this and 
attempted to list off the drugs as the nurse tried to find my list.  So I 
say propulsid.  Eeeh gads, the flood gates opened.  He got real mad.  What 
are you still doing on that drug, blah blah, blah.  He then got mad and 
said if I had taken the pill he wanted to me too that I could have died 
from cardiac arrests.  Ya, and that's my fault.  Shit, if I hadn't watched 
that commercial who know's what would have happened.  I mean damn, I go in 
prepared as horrid as I felt and the doctors not only don't listen but 
don't even look at the information you bring them.

>Some doctors are a waste of spit, some are worth their weight in glucose.

Very well said Curtis.


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