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Re: [IP] Carbohydrate Factor?

In a message dated 07/29/2000 6:45:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< It seems that 
 those who wrote this book have done all the figuring that was referred to by 
 Kelly in a previous post!  Another avenue of information is the packaging 
 labels on all prepackaged items you eat like TV dinners, canned goods, other 
 packaged goods, etc.  All you have to do is look at the carb. count on the 
 package and you have the grams of carbs in the item.  You do have to be 
 careful to note the serving size it is referring to and figure accordingly!  
 For me this has been a marvelous tool.  Just thought I would share it with 
 you all! >>

I have a book that I use too to help me figure out the carbs, and I also look 
at the nutritional labels on packaged foods when that's available.  Actually 
I use the nutritional labels the most, especially because it is most 
convenient!  However I use the scale to weigh foods that don't come with 
nutritional labels (ie, rolls sold individually, slice of pizza from a take 
out pizza shop, fruits because their weights can vary drastically!)  Thanks 
for the site to purchase that book!  Is it a small book?  Something that can 
fit in a bag with all my other supplies?!

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