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[IP] Re: flexibility and pump

*Clambering up on pump soap box*
Let me be among the 53, Keith!  
My diabetes and erratic schedules (part professional, part ethos) have always 
had wrestling matches over my body and soul.  The pump finally let me win the 
match.  In the one year I've been on it, I've nearly licked a 30-year battle 
with dawn phenomenon, started to feel symptoms of hypo again, gotten renewed 
energy for good control, had my first ever A1C below 8, and just plain feel 
better.  I think I am nicer to people too.  But to me all this is gravy 
compared to the freedom.  The best way I can explain it is via my epiphany:  
this June on a hike with my wonderful new husband (he was carrying the 
dextrose) on the rugged Ligurian coast of Italy--it may have had something to 
do with the scenery-- I had estimated a temp basal rate for hiking, counted 
carbs on the lovely platter of spaghetti alla vonghele I had for lunch, then 
on the rugged hike back gone to a slightly higher temp basal rate since we 
were dawdling, then the stop for gelato bolus, remembering to lowball it for 
the climb back up the 365 steps to our Cinque Terre aerie--and my sugars were 
all right around 100, through this whole glorious day.  Suddenly I thought, 
what would all of this have been like pre-pump???  I know me, and I would 
have compromised control for pleasure on some days, compromised the other way 
on others, and thus bounced around and ultimately done myself damage.  But 
this time I didn't even have to do much to adjust to the time change, just a 
little monkeying with basals, and I am certain that was why I had no jet lag 
this time.  I ate when I wanted, pretty much what I wanted, climbed and 
walked when and where I wanted, all without that diabetes devil in my brain 
going," better not do that."  So there's my epiphany, standing on a cliff in 
Liguria, laughing out loud, feeling the power of my tiny pump with its softly 
clicking solenoid, and very pleased with myself indeed.
Okay, thanks for listening, I'll shut up now, but I needed to tell someone 
this.  It's Sunday, and I'm testifyin' for MiniMed.  Thanks, Redia, for the 
opportunity and good luck to you.
Happy hooked up for a year now,

>From: "Keith Johnson" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Re: not sure
>Recently Redia asked:
>>Question--when you have a pump and are pumping
>>insulin, does that mean you can sleep later some mornings or do you
>>still need to take insulin on a regular scheduled time?What about meals
>>can they be whenever you want to eat or on a schedule.
>[This is just in case 53 other members don't answer before I do  :-)
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