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Re: [IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medicalworkers?

I took Medical terminology for nursing and I don't give 'em a chance...I
just start talking about the procedure I'm there for or about and yak at
them in their language and then when they know I have a brain, I spring it
on 'em about the pump.
   I don't tolorate idiocy from the professional or lay community too well,
in the condescending way that they can carry on...I've 16 years of this
under my belt and cannot accept that treatment...
   Fortunately, now in this locality, I have very rarely come across that
behaviour...I did once, and gave him the 'center finger salute' and left.  I
immediately changed doctors.  The practice I'm with now treats me as the
captain of my ship and they have backed me in everything I've opted for, so
I have been very lucky indeed.
   We are our best and our worst advocate, and by coming up to them as an
equal, and not with this sense of awe at the "god in a white coat", we can
gurantee respect usually.  If not, go the extra distance and change doctors.
   StillLow wrote an article about the hospital nightmares in this (August)
issue of Diabetes Interview. She was spot on and it would be a good idea to
visit http://www.diabetesinterview.com and check it out.

Jenny S.

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