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re:[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

 I think docs just get in the habit of assuming you are stupid, some of their
patients are.  They don't have time to treat you like a peer.  How can you be a
peer, you didn't go to med school? :-)

Now where they make a huge error is when they assume that they know more about
you than you do.  Or they know more about your condition than you do, especially
if you have had your condition for umpteen years and have been doing all of your
own treatment.

After a short period of time diabetics know their shit.   Doctors can help them
but only if they are intelligent enough to listen to their patients, cause the
patients know much more than the doc will ever know about how things work for

Some doctors are a waste of spit, some are worth their weight in glucose.

My own opinion, of course.

Curtis Lomax

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