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Re: [IP] Re: Pumps for sale

OMG!  At my absolute worst, when I was a teenager and frequently skipped
shots and ate many sweets, my highest Hba1c was 12 or so.  I cannot

While I am on subject, I have an aquaintance that I am at my wit's end with.
We both belong to a group that gets together recreationally to camp, hold
house parties, go to dinner etc.  It has nothing to do with diabetes.  We
just happen to both be diabetic and two of the coordinators.  When the
administration of this group changed hands, he was one who volunteered to
have his phone number listed as a contact for anyone interested in joining
the group or to RSVP for events.

He has been diabetic since he was a small child (close to 40 years), and
somewhere along the line, he decided if keeping his BG below 120 was good,
keeping it below 80 would be even better.  He strives to keep his BG around
70, is always trying to lose weight by limiting what he eats, and works out
frequently and for extended periods of time.  Needless to say, he and the
EMT's in his city are on a first name basis.

Now, here is where it involves me:  As the other diabetic in the group,
whenever he has a hypo reaction, everyone looks to me to help him.  When he
is hypo, he becomes even more stubborn and refuses to eat or even test.  I
have had some success at just handing him some juice and walking away, but I
resent having to deal with this every time I see him.  I have told this to
people, yet inevitably, I am called upon because I "have more experience
with this" than anyone else.

The other problem is that when he is alone and has a bad low-sugar reaction,
he tends to get destructive.  If anyone calls him and leaves a name and
number, either on his answering machine, or even gives it to him directly,
he destroys it.  I have never witnessed this, but he tells me he shreds
paper, erases the messages, spills things, etc.  Either that or he has
conversations with people and never recalls talking to them.  Now, first of
all, forgetting the conversation when he is low, I can understand.  But I
have never heard of a low-sugar reaction causing someone to destroy paper or
erase messages.  And secondly, most people that do not know him well, don't
know when he is low, so I get complaints all the time about him blowing
people off, or being very rude and obnoxious.

I have tried talking to him about this, and suggesting that he not be listed
as a contact, but he gets upset and since I am not the only person running
this group, I can't just demand that he be removed.  I feel the integrity of
the group is at stake.

Does anyone have any advice for dealing with difficult diabetics?  I know I
am not exactly one to brag, with my history of poor control, but it
absolutely amazes me that someone who is constantly passing out from low
blood sugar has managed to stay alive this long!

------Original Message------
I even know
some pumpers who never test, and eat what they want when they want and wind
up with HbA1c of 14+%

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