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[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?


I just had a medical problem requiring an
emergency-room visit, and it finally struck me that
whenever diabetes comes up, the medical professional
immediately starts talking as if to a seriously
retarded child.  Many times I have asked questions,
only to get a standard response of, "well perhaps your
blood sugar was low"....  In my 20 years of being
diabetic, I have only encountered ONE professional who
spoke to me as if I was a human being, unfortunately
he is now 1000 miles away.  When I first signed up for
my Minimed pump, they tried pushing me on this
"training" program requiring countless office visits. 
I figured the pump out by watching the video, and
reading the manual, and using some common sense.  I
actually said out loud that I do posess some
intelligence, and am quite capable of handling the
incredible complexities involved with using a pump!  

Anyone else here get treated like they are complete
morons by their medical professionals?

While I'm at it, can anyone here recommend a doctor in
the general area of Alpharetta, GA?


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