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Re: [IP] Re: oops with that damn bolus...

Janine, your missede a good opportunity to sit down and have a nice big 20
oz coke. Why call the police?  It would take at least a half hour for you
to get into deep trouble,a nd that Coke would shoot your BGs up tothe
200-300 range in 15 min.  If you would do that and check every half hour,
you should have been oK.  Also why worry about suspending?  Why not just
disconnect?  Anyway its never hurts to focus :-)

<<<<<<<did anyone out there ever totally mess up a bolus?  i hit in 8
rather than .8
when my sugar was 102 (was trying to prime, oh well...) and had to give myself
 glucagon while the police watched.  i couldn't wait for the EMTs since they
took 15 minutes.  i couldn't for the life of me get the Minimed508 to
suspend.  maybe that was total panic, since i live alone & felt so faint.
yikes. i felt so dumb.
i'm sure i'm not the only one who always seems to be doing three things at
once and, like this time, screws up.  maybe i am.  i'll tell you one thing:
i focus so much more, now!

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