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[IP] RE:infusion ssets and profit motive

<<...Maersk might be the better target for complaint
because it is from them that the "must change every 72 hrs."
seems to originate.  Just trying to get to the root of the problem in
who sets these guidelines for the sale of tubes with each/every-
other infusion set.  The "profit-motive" of Maersk could be stronger
than the resolve of Minimed in satisfying it's customers.>>

When I was teaching IV therapy, it was CDC guidelines and intravenous
standards of care that dictated the frequency if IV site changes to minimize
the chance of site infections and blood infections. While insulin infusion
sets are not placed into IV sites, but into subcutaneous tissue, the same
principles apply to prevent infections. In addition, the absorption of
insulin from the subcutaneous layer also becomes a concern.

I seriously doubt a profit motive in regard to the frequency of site
changes. Perhaps, our CDC expert on the list can add some information here.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

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