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Re: [IP] Pump Supplies/ Michael

Hi everyone I've been here for about 1 month and have answered a few concerns 
and voiced my own opinion several times so you might know my story.H is self 
employed and have no ins and we are poor right now although we hope this dry 
spell wont last long I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids thinking of starting 
my own business which would still leave us with no ins. unless we find 1 we 
can afford .Anyway MM supplies are so expensive I have had to give it up for 
now and am having a ton of problems adjusting to the NPH I stay lo all 
afternoon and evening and wake up lo almost every night.I miss my pump so bad 
I miss good control I miss having control.I hate shots and now I just read 
for the first time that you help each other with supplies and are trying to 
find ways to supply fellow pumpers.I am asking for help now I use Mm 507c and 
use humalog use 3.0 mm resevoir and 12 inch tubing and i think the orig 
cannulas that came with it not bent but cant remember exact name. Please 
email me if you can help or know a way to get supplies cheaper.I'm desperate 
I'll do aything.Any help would be greatly appreciated.and god bless all.

           Jenee P
      email @ redacted
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