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Re: [IP] Not sure

To Redia and others considering trying a pump:

I'm close to your age (53) and have been diabetic since 17.  I started on the pump last September.  Is 
life different on the pump?  To say the least, it is quite different and much, much better.  With good 
basels, you can throw away your old schedule of getting up at the same time every day, eating the same 
amount of food at the same time every day.  You can sleep late if you want and eat when you want.  I have 
always had pretty good control of my blood sugar but the pump has made it so much easier to maintain good 
control.  But beyond that, I have been able to regain the control of my life that diabetes has had a 
tendency to take away.  On the pump, you have the freedom to eat what you want when you want to do it.  If 
you want to skip a meal, you can do it.  If you want an early lunch one day and a late lunch the next, you 
can do it.  The value of an insulin pump is the power that it gives you to control your blood sugar and 
your life.  It requires some work and attention and you need to be willing to check your blood sugar often 
(I do it 8-12 time a day) but the pump has the potential to change your life.  The pump is not appropriate 
for everyone, but you need to take a very close look at it.  You can see how much it has done for many 
people by reading the IP messages on this site.  Using a pump is not without its difficulties, but for me 
it has made an immeasurable improvement in my life.  I can't imagine living without mine.

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area

I'm not a pumper yet, but am considering it. my Dr. has recommened it.I
am checking everything out first. I've been taking insulin as i said
before for 40 yrs. am 52 yrs. old now. for all that time i've taken my
shots at the same time everyday, eaten at the same time everyday.
sometimes it is like i'm in a trance every day same old thing, now my
blood sugars are getting out of controle. I know nothing of the pump,
but am willing to learn. Question--when you have a pump and are pumping
insulin, does that mean you can sleep later some mornings or do you
still need to take insulin on a regular scheduled time?What about meals
can they be whenever you want to eat or on a schedule. See I'm not sure
how all this works with the pump. please let me know.    thanks

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