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[IP] thyroid

I was following the thread about the thyroid and then I went on vacation so I 
have question that maybe has already been answered.  Anyways, my daughter has 
been having  very irregular periods, constipation, and recently aches and 
pains.  Her thyroid has always come back normal between .9 and 1.1.  So after 
reading this thread I decided to ask her dr. for a thyroid antibody test, 
which I just found out came back positive.  Now her Dr. is on vacation so I 
won't be able to talk to him for a few weeks.  So my question is what does 
this mean that her thyroid anitbody test is positive?  Even though her TSH is 
.9 does that mean she could be hypothyroid?  Thanks for the help.

Anne (mom to 14 year old pumper)
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