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Re: [IP] Not sure

>I'm not a pumper yet, but am considering it. my Dr. has recommened it.I
>am checking everything out first.>

I also was encouraged by my doctor for years to go on a pump.  I resisted 
since my control was not "that bad"-or so we thought.  Then in Jan. of 99, 
things seemed to be going out of control.  I was getting lots of lows with 
bad reactions.  In May I woke up to blurred vision before going to school to 
teach.  By 9 AM, I was at zero vision!  At that point I began seriously 
considering the pump.  Also by then I was having many lows each week and 
sometimes more than 1 a day!  I went to my endo asking him what we would 
have to do to get me on the pump.  He gave me a video to watch to help me 
decide if I wanted to try it.  He put thru the necessary paperwork and 
before we knew it--the pump was approved and my training was set to begin in 
late August.  We watched the training video thru several times and then went 
up to Tucson(80 miles from home) for training-spending a couple nights in a 
motel there getting adjusted to it.  My wife had to learn it as well since I 
could not see much at the time.  We worked good as a team learning to 
program the pump, count carbs, do the boluses and set the basal rates.  It 
was much easier than MDI and the control you can get is just amazing!  My 
A1C was about 9 and in less than 2 months it was down to 6.5.  My eyes have 
improved also.

Whatever you do--give the pump a chance--you will not be sorry you did!  If 
you would like to contact us privately please do--we will give you all the 
help we can!
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