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[IP] Carbohydrate Factor?

Kelly,  you wrote
<1.  Weigh the food on a gram scale.
2. Multiply the food's weight in grams by its carbohydrate factor.
3.  The answer is the number of grams of carbohydrate you are eating.

Spaghetti and meat sauce:   .13
Bagel:                          .56

So, if you weigh your bagel, and it turns out to weigh 80 grams, then you
multiply the 80 grams by .56 to get the amount of carbohydrate you are 
(80x.56=44.8)  Hope this helps!>

Sorry but you lost me on this one! Is the .56 on the bagel it's carbohydrate 
factor, or is this just a conversion of the ounces to grams where the ounce 
of bagel =  well, now I'm lost again.  I learned an ounce of bread = 15 gms 
of carbohydrate and take my insulin accordingly.  Why are we converting the 
food to grams?  Or did I miss part of the discussion?

(Please email me at email @ redacted as I take the digest and 
sometimes miss things.)

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