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Re: [IP] Confession

This is a slightly different take on the same theme, but had to share:

When I was 17 (in the dark ages of urine testing and glass syringes,
although we had disposable needles--lucky us!) I was preparing dinner with
just me and my 9 year old brother in the house.  I suddenly couldn't find
the electric frying pan, and decided that my family didn't love me anymore
and were hiding it from me.  I asked my brother (who was watching TV) where
the _blank_ it was, and he told me to look in the dishwasher.

Things kept going from bad to worse in my personal universe.  By the time my
mom got home 1/2 hour later, I was sitting on the kitchen floor crying and
rocking gently, and hitting the floor with my fists.  Mom, who was an RN and
had done some work on mental wards, remembers reviewing what all one had to
do to have someone committed as she got orange juice and stirred some sugar
into it -- I'd never done this before in 5 years of diabetes.  As she was
feeding me the juice (I wouldn't hold the glass myself) and I started coming
out of the hypoglycemia, I remember thinking quite seriously that I had to
pretend I was having an insulin reaction, since there was no other excuse
for that kind of behavior.

Later, of course, when my brain had enough glucose to function properly, I
realized that I had in fact had an insulin reaction, but the stories of
people 'using' diabetes for various purposes brought the whole episode
vividly back.  I think my logic at the time was going along the lines of low
blood sugar as an excuse for going mad :)

BTW, when my mother asked my brother why he didn't come to my aid, he said
'Well, she's always going on about _something_!'

Had to share.
47, dx'd at 12, pumping since the end of March

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