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[IP] {IP} Infection and insulin requirement

Hi All
I confess I've been lurking for a long time, but the issue of insulin
requirement and infection caught my attention.
My Endo described it to me this way;
When you have an infection, your body is under stress, sometimes a great
deal of stress.  One of the ways that our bodies deal with stress is to
secrete Adrenaline, which enhances or enables certain functions within.
This is where it gets plain and simple.
Adrenaline actually seems to have the effect of squeezing sugar out of
the liver into the blood.
Hence, high BG's.
This is also a major factor in Dawn Phenomenon.
Guess what we use to help us wake up in the morning?
I usually talk to my DE about adjusting my basal rates until the
infection or sickness goes away.
Hope that helps

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