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Re: [IP] MM infusion sets packaging

> George Lovelace FIRST wrote:   
> Why do we assume that it is just the profit motive of
> Minimed or Disetronic that keeps the tubing packaged with at least every
> other set?
     email @ redacted REPLIED
> > Because profit is a main goal of all companies including Minimed and/or
> > Disetronic.  I do believe they have the health of diabetics as an
> > important goal as well.  However, profit allows companies to achieve
> > their goals easier than a struggling company could.  You're right though,
> > George.  Profit is not the only motive . . . but it's there loud and
> > clear.

My point is that Maersk might be the better target for complaint 
because it is from them that the "must change every 72 hrs." 
seems to originate.  Just trying to get to the root of the problem in 
who sets these guidelines for the sale of tubes with each/every-
other infusion set.  The "profit-motive" of Maersk could be stronger 
than the resolve of Minimed in satisfying it's customers.


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