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Re: [IP] Re: carbo factor (by gram)

In a message dated 07/28/2000 9:41:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Kelly,
 what book are you using to get the carbo factor?  I need to get it!  perfect
 for figuring out home made recipes. >>

I am using a packet of information my cde gave to me when I first met him a 
couple of years ago.  That's when I began to count carbohydrates (my endo 
never taught me to do this, nor did he even mention it!)  I THINK I've seen a 
similar appendix in the back of the Pumping Insulin book.  I'm not sure 
though as I do not have that book.  But the information that my cde gave me 
is very comprehensive and includes carb. ratios for a wide variety of foods 
including combination dishes (ie, potato salad, pizza, lasagna, burritos).  
Contact me privately and I could even send you the packet that I have!

Kelly   email @ redacted
diagnosed 27 years ago
pumping 5.5 years
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