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[IP] Re: kids and pumps and camps

     Thank you for your great response and support.

      My son Jake, who is 5, was the recipient of this poor behavior by this 
particular camp and it's nursing staff so, I feel compelled to jump in here.  
I GUESS you responded WITHOUT reading the original post and subsequent posts 
carefully.  Let me bring you up to speed on the facts.....
1)  When my husband and I were first told by the head nurse that she doesn't 
"do" pumps,  we were shocked.  This was at the orientation and it was the 
first time we were aware that the camp would not accept children who are 
using pumps.  Afterall, we must remember this is a camp for children WITH 
2) There were two little boys there who were told they were not able to 
attend in front of all of the other children  because of the use of their 
insulin pump.
3)As soon as this issue became apparent, my husband and I both offered to do 
an inservice and completely avail ourselves until the staff became 
comfortable (we are both medical professionals).  We were told that they 
"didn't have time for that".  We again were in disbelief of what was being 
said and then volunteered our neighbor (who we knew would help us out) to do 
an inservice if they were somehow uncomfortable with us.  She is a RN, CDE, 
pediatric nurse practitioner, clinical specialist for Minimed and wears the 
pump herself.  They still said NO.  
4) I do think this was an honest attempt to educate FIRST as you put it.  
Don't you think?  And, we DID make ourselves available, as we always do 
and...making myself available is NOT a "pain in the neck" as you put it...In 
the hospital setting, I have medically treated and taken care of complete 
strangers for most of my adult life so, I have absolutely NO problem with 
making my self available for or taking care of my own children.
5)  The only way that my neighbor, the CDE, was called to do an inservice was 
that the camp was contacted by a NY newspaper.  They then became afraid of 
bad press. This allowed the other child who is 11 and is very independant  to 
attend. I was very happy that his summer was not ruined.   I made the 
decision not to send my son due to his age and the amount of dependency he 
would have on the nurse who did not want to take care of him from the 
I hope you are a little more clear on the FACTS of what happened and realize 
that there was a positive approach attemted at first to resove the problem at 


I must take exception to the cavalier attitude which I feel is displayed in 
your letter, though not limited to yourself.  "Little talks" with student 
nurses and other so called medical personnel are no replacement for actual in 
service education administered by "trained" and "qualified" medical 
specialists.  You certainly do not want your surgeon performing an operation 
on you or anyone else after a "little talk" with another doctor.  Until 
everyone responsible for a child with diabetes (pc) takes the out of home 
care of these children seriously, and DEMANDS that all out of home care 
givers, be they camp counselors, teachers, school bus drivers, etc. be 
properly and professionally trained, the children will remain at risk.  
Unless you yourself are a pediatric endocrinologist, CDE, or some other form 
of health care provider with exceptional knowledge of type I diabetes, these 
little talks, though helpful and anecdotal, are probably insufficient.  If 
all the parents of children with diabetes stood together and DEMANDED the 
best for our children all the time, and made waves when they had to, and 
stuck together when one child stood alone, there would not be stories of 
discrimination, or of children who were not allowed to participate.  We must 
all stand together on these issues, and insist on the highest quality of care 
for our children.
                                                     Peter/ Jake's dad
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