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[IP] We're almost pumping!!!

My son's insulin pump was just approved by insurance!
We've got an appointment to start Ryan pumping on August 17th!!!

We live in Oregon, and there are NO endos in this area that will start a 3 
year old on a pump. I know because I called them all! Our new endo is in Los 
Angeles, CA. I'm thankful our pediatrician was willing to refer us to an 
out-of-state endo. He sat down with me and looked at Ryan's numbers and read 
several of the testimonials I printed from this website!! That was enough data 
to convince him that it was worth checking into the pump. The rest took a 
while, but here we are now, just a few short weeks away from pumping!!!!

Our endo's staff here in Oregon wants to follow Ryan's progress. They hope to 
be able to support children his age in the future, they just don't have the 
man-power or the expertise right now. They'll get to learn from us :)
We plan on continuing to see them as soon as they feel ready.

I wanted to share the good news with this group! I've learned so much from you 
all - now hopefully I'll be able to give a little back by sharing our 
experiences :)

Mom to Celia (6 and non-diabetic) and Ryan (3, dx'd 2/9/00 and pumping soon!)

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