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Re: [IP] Re: pump-for-sale issues

I was so sick when I bought my first used pump that the owner of it helped
us as he was a patient of my doctor. My doc gave us the basal rates to
start with and we faxed my numbers. I was unable to go into the hosputal
and my insurance would not pay the money for any diabetes class besides I
had enough diabetes classes that I have info coming out of my ears. I was a
respiratory tech and my hubby is a mechanical engineer P.E so the doc felt
we would do fine. I could not walk at the time and was on high doses of
pred which made my BGs go sky high. I had never been so sick. The man and
his wife came to our house and they were so kind. And within a week my BGs
were under 200 where as they were into the 500-600 and we could not get
them down. Then I had to go on another heavy course of pred and that is
when I was told to change pumps. By then our insurance covered the MM pump
because I needed the dual wave. I still have one of my D pumps as back up.
Without the help of lay people and them wanting to sell thier pump I would
be 6 feet under today. I will ever be so grateful for thier kindness. I now
go to the support group when I am able too and when I told my doc how I got
my pump and the CDE class leader which I really wante to go too they
certainly had no problem with it. We sent it on to have it checked out and
used the second one as that never had been used and basically used the
video and the couple's help with the written basals from my doc. It was no
big deal. And I have been pumping now for 5 years and my last A1C with 20
MG pred each day was a wonderful 7 and I have lost weight! So everyone is
happy. As I said I was very close to not being here..I sure am thankful I
am still here for at least a little while longer because now all my
children are done with college- married and I have 2 beautiful grandsons. I
still have other health problems and now get around with a special made
wheel chair and a service dog but I have my life and what greater joy can
one have:)
So this is my story...and if anyone is thinking of buying a used pump and
needs to talk please email me and I will be happy to answer any questions.
I believe in doing what one has to do to keep living.
email @ redacted

At 02:56 PM 07/27/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Recently Sherry warned, regarding someone offering to sell a MiniMed 508:
>> It is illegal to sell prescription only products to anyone.
>> Since pumps are a prescription only medical device, you could be
>> criminally charged.  Just wanted to give a heads up on this.
>True, true. Which brings up an interesting point. The CDEs at the diabetes
>center I frequent tell me they've been getting folks walking in off the
>street with pumps in hand, wanting the CDE team to help them set everything
>up. Not a good idea, of course, but now I wonder how they got them in the
>first place. Do the companies supply the devices without prescriptions? Or
>do they supply the prescriptions as well? Either one seems a bit over the
>line. I suppose it's more likely some nameless doctor wrote the
>prescription, but wasn't able/willing to give more help.

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